Technological break throughs for ShoppingStock

New Website Layout for ShoppingStock.com!  


ShoppingStock.com Technology

With so much web design technology out there how do you know you are utilizing the right one and that you have found the perfect suite of solutions for your business?  We at ShoppingStock, Inc. invested countless hours and resources to assure that we are offering our customers the best overall online shopping experience.

     Our furniture pays the best respect to functionality.  When building the platform for ShoppingStock.com we wanted our visitors to find exactly what they are looking for without the hassle of having to navigate through complex menus in a website.  To accomplish this goal we adapted the familiarity of many popular websites and enhanced the website with the latest technological resources.  Every intricate portion of our system from graphical layout to the way data is stored and captured was met with precision and attention to detail.  Every button in our website layout is strategically placed so that all customers are able to predict precisely, where to find everything that they want.  Browsing our catalogue is much more user friendly.


Secure and fast access to data  

We have removed the bottlenecks and any feeling of being lost in traffic by ensuring that your browsing experience is as efficient as possible.  Our buttons are color coded to visually stand out to the customer.  Our category page allows the user to filter his search according to options such as price, brand, and so much more.  Our powerful built in search functionality empowers all shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for.  The new ShoppingStock.com shopping cart and checkout system conveniently allows the customers to review and make necessary revisions to their order.

                   Secure Web Shopping Experience


Our blog page keeps customers updated with latest trends




  • Never miss another sale again:  All our sale items has a counter countdown display to let our customers know how long they have to save!
  • Quick view function on shopping cart:  You can quickly make modifications to your order without having to leave the page you are on.
  • Filter Options: Quickly filter down your selection by using our robust filtering tool.
  • Secure shopping: We utilize the highest level of encryption possible to ensure our customer's information is stored securely.
  • We use our built in blog page as a platform to keep our customers updated with the latest trends to home decor furnishing.
  • Our compare page allows our customer to view and compare similar products before making a decision on which one best suits them.
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